About us...

We are your aviation education support team. We are a  unique student service.

Leading expert

To deliver highest quality aviation theory and ground instruction 


We support and guide local and international students to achieve their dream to be a commercial pilot (or private pilot).

We have more than  21 years of experience, teaching hours and a lot of hours in the air.
We are professional pilots and we have a lot of  technical knowledge to share as well as best practice in teaching students to be professional Pilots.
Our staff have the right qualifications to help aviation students to achieve their dream. We have a lot of experience to make sure that students get the right training.  Without the right training and the right guidance, money is easily lost.


We also specialise in supporting international students to get the right radio operation and technique which is an essential aviation skill.


No Pass, No Pay means you pay for the tuition only after successfully passing a theory exam.  If an exam attempt results in a fail we will give you further tuition and support until you pass.  The usual pass rate for first attempt is 90%.  That’s how confident we are and this will boost your drive and ability.

Our Mission

We work with the students to prepare them before they go to the air and make sure they know what to do in the air to avoid repeated flights and pass at every step.

Our mission is to support students to get their licence with the least hours and cost.

We are aware that some flight schools promise students a fixed cost to finish their license.  Often these costs expand much more at the end.  This can be due to repeated flights or failing theory exams, all due to poor preparation and lack of focus on individual student’s needs.

We know how to prepare students to be efficient and get a very high pass rate.