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Fulfill your dreams and become a professional pilot

A personal message from our Lead Trainer

I got my pilot license in 1998 and I have a lot of hours in the air and teaching theory.
I have combined my two passions- teaching and flying to bring you my expertise in the form of aviation education support. I will guide you through all the stages of getting your commercial license by sharing my knowledge. Your journey will be smooth flying and less expensive with the right support.
Let’s be in touch so you can understand how I can help you reach your flying dreams

Fulfill your dreams and become a professional pilot

Welcome to the home of your specialist education support for aviation service. We are a unique service located in the world’s most liveable city- Melbourne, Australia. Whether you are an international student or local, enrolled in a flight school already or just thinking about we can help you. Your success in becoming a Commercial Pilot is our success. Have a read through Our Information to understand what we offer you-a student pilot in your path to success. Register your interest in receiving more information and being in touch on our Contact page.


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Aeronautical General Knowledge
Human Factors
Air Law




Student Services


Set up & support

We support you to set up locally with visa & accomodation. We facilitate your flight school enrolment and aviation medicals.


Aviation Education

We help you work smarter, not harder. You will get the right theory tutoring, the right ground instruction for success.


Fly Australia

We support you getting all your flying hours until you achieve your license


Live your dream

Help you prepare as a new Commercial Pilot a professional resume to start the journey into the major airlines locally or internationally.

The standing of flying in Australia is very high

Gives you the advantage for working as a pilot locally and internationally. The Australian Commercial Pilot’s Licence is very valuable in Australia and internationally.

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Melbourne, Australia

Fly professionally across a great continent and beautiful spectacular places

We’re with you for one to two years, according to personal progress, while helping with your theory and practical preparation before flights and exams. Our goal is assisting you to progress in the shortest time.
Unlike the flight schools we are not interested in making you fly extra hours for profit. The earlier you finish your licensing you will save money.  We know that you will recommend us and that will help us to be of assistance to other students who are looking to pay less and get more.  This means we have achieved our goal too.
We work on trust, transparency and support from the moment you join with us.  We will support you and guide you to get the licence that leads you to a career where you want, whether that be in a major airline or instructing.  Guidance is tailored to each student by an experienced pilot who has high level training and has experience with different schools internationally and locally. We guide students according to personal ability.
The key to success is the close guidance and help along the way. A major consideration for overseas students is learning the aviation concepts in English. This includes specialist tutoring with aviation communication (ie  radio calls) which is essential in flight exams and for career prospects.